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How can time, chronology, poetry and creativity be interwoven in an original view of temporality?


In my popular books Celestial Twins (English, Hebrew, Russian),  The Phoenix Clock (Hebrew, Russian), Cartography of Emotions (Russian) and Opera PRKFV (Russian)  original interdisciplinary approaches are proposed to construct bridges between scientific methods and poetical visions, between "time" as it is seen in physics and "time" as it appears in human life and history.

In my academic publications I propose a new definition of the generalized time.


Lost at Sea: Ernest Hemingway and Hart Crane

The Explorers of the Human Soul: C. G. Jung and A. Machado

The Masters of Sound – They Played Music Together: Pablo Casals and Lionel Tertis


"Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny, available in English, Hebrew and Russian, is an altogether stimulating and satisfying visit into the mind of an energetic and encompassing intellect exploring and inviting future explorations into new frontiers in contemporary Sciences."

- Jon RG & Troya GN Turner -The Scientific & Medical Network Magazine

Celestial Twins: Review inThe Fall 2015 issue of JOPPPAH (Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health)

Celestial Twins: Review in THE BEACON, Vol. LXIV, Number 11, July-September 2015

"In decades of reading and reviewing books, occasionally one comes to hand which isexceptional: Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny is such a sparkling gem. Academic, Dr. Elizabetha Levin, has pioneered a new and fascinating Research Field which she calls the Effect of Celestial Twins (ECT) ...​"

"Celestial Twins represents the fruit of twenty years of research by Elizabetha Levin into the amazing similarities in broad life circumstances between historical personalities born on the same day".

"The effect described by Dr. Levin in her book “Celestial Twins. Codes of Destiny. Time Doubles” is the reverse, or the time reversal of the famous Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox."

- Prof. Harry  Friedmann-

Bar Ilan University, Dep. Chemistry

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